10 Ways to Display Your Child’s Art

This is my son’s interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are. When he brought it  home from school yesterday I knew it deserved a special place in the house and got me thinking about how I could display both of my boys art around our home. We are big believers in original art. My husband’s long exposure photographs are displayed on the main level of our home along with our family images. The boys also have paintings and canvases hung in the lower level. But there has to be a better way to display the artwork your child brings home from school.  Currently I just place all of their art in a box, and I’m not sure why I keep it there, or whether they’ll even appreciate it when their older, but I keep it anyway. So here are 10 ways to display your child’s art today. My son’s are proud of what they create (and so they should be) and I think I will be creating a special display for their work this weekend.I love the ease of using clipboards and this display is super stylish!Framing your child’s art is also a great way to display it (and keep it protected). Here is my son’s first ever painting and we have it hung in his room.I also managed to capture an image of him creating it and will cherish this memory.Here is another example of framed art and this grid is outstanding.This is a beautiful way to display your child’s art. These acrylic frames can be found here.Acrylic Frames
Another fanstastic option would be to scan your child’s art and create a coffee table book. Safe keeping at it’s best!I like the idea of an Art Station and this one is super happy.
This is a great way to keep the art current with Cable Wire found at Ikea.I am struggling to find the original poster of this amazing cork display, but this would be perfect in a child’s playroom.
I love this framed wallpaper from Graham & Brown.
This lovely collage example will take some photoshop experience but the result is awesomeThis idea is fantastic (expensive but fantastic). Send your child’s art work to be transformed into this amazing framed display

I hope this has inspired you, I know it has for me and I’m off to pick up as many clipboards as I can! Happy weekend!!

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